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from sizes 6-28 to suit all budgets

Champagne & Lace first opened IN 2019 specialising in the sale of beautiful Ready to Wear dresses and it's still CLOSE TO OUR HEARTS.

What to expect from a Ready to Wear Gown


It means all of our dresses are new, but they may have already been tried on before. The huge advantage to you buying a sample dress is that all of our dresses are significantly reduced from the original recommended retail price. The only disadvantage is that once a dress is gone…it’s gone! So if you see a dress you love then be sure to GET YOUR APPOINTMENT BOOKED quickly! We only have one of each dress available, we are unable to re-order a dress or get it in a different size, so just be aware that if you fall in love with a dress but don’t buy it, then someone else may well.

Our stock regularly changes but it’s usual for our dresses to fall within the price bracket of between £500 to £1,200. Browse through a small collection below and visit our Instagram to see more Ready to Wear dresses. 


Welcome to our exclusive 'By Appointment Only' service, where you can have the Bridal Room all to yourself for up to 2 hours. We understand how important it is to have a personalised and intimate experience when choosing your dream dress, we are here to make that happen. Book your appointment today and let us help you find the perfect dress for your special day.

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